MHPC provides MBGH members special access to a suite of health solutions that assist them in supporting employees and their families to improve their health. These solutions are provided by endorsed vendors and highlight key offerings that promote engagement and informed health care decision-making. Due to the special agreements for these solutions, members can gain access to lower costs, better services and more information from these contracted vendors than most firms could receive from individual agreements. 

You’re invited to take advantage of these opportunities. For more information, contact Denise Giambalvo.

MHPC health solutions include:

Food As Medicine


DayTwo uses Food As Medicine to enable a path to remission for Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes. This unique solution is delivered through registered dietitians, diabetes educators, and doctors via tele-health. A gut profile lab test is used to develop a personalized nutrition plan and progress is tracked through a mobile app. A1C and Time In Range are the primary clinical outcomes; weight is a secondary outcome measure. DayTwo offers up to 100% fees-at-risk to employers.

Value Based Surgery Concierge


Carrum Health is a surgery benefit that includes a value based approach, concierge service and tools to ensure a seamlessly coordinated experience. Through the Carrum Health platform, your employees get access to the highest quality surgeons and experience better results including lower complications and admissions, with no surprise costs. The plan gets to save money with the confidence that their members are received the highest quality care.

Multiple Chronic Conditions


Inspera Health focuses on one specific and unique population, those with five or more chronic conditions. For this high risk, high cost population, an integrated approach is needed for sustained health management success. Over 80% of program participants are still actively engaged at 12 months – Inspera Health provides a client guarantee that participants will achieve a 30% health improvement with their personalized, wholistic approach.

Wellness Vendor Search


MBGH has partnered with Shortlister to provide an affordable alternative to conducting market searches for wellness vendors. Explore comparable vendors to determine if an alternative option can provide more value at a lower cost. Describe your budget, population demographics and unique program goals to see the vendor options that could match your needs. Describe the “pain points” or limitations of your current vendor to identify alternative options that excel in those areas. Or explore the specialty vendors that can integrate with your current primary vendor and have a core competency in your desired focus area.

Diabetes & Hypertension Management

blood check

As employers seek new and innovative ways to engage their employees to improve health, diabetes and hypertension management are often at the top of their list. Taking Control of Your Health (TCOYH) is a value-based, hands-on, condition management program that encourages participants to better manage diabetes and cardiovascular disease and adhere to their physician’s treatment program. TCOYH has been offered to MBGH members since 2006 and is built on a mutual accountability model.