Choosing and Partnering with your Health Care Providers

The first step to engaging employees and their families in becoming better health care consumers is to encourage them to develop a relationship with a primary care physician, a key member of their health care team.  To keep employees informed, employer and/or health plan web sites should provide information including where employees can learn who is in their network, where the doctors received their education, if they are board certified or board eligible and how long have they been in practice?


Tools for Working With Healthcare Provider 

Choosing a doctor can be difficult for some people, especially if they don’t have guidance on where to look or what questions to ask.  The doctor-patient relationship involves something we value most – our health – making this relationship especially important. 

Preparing for your doctor visit

Preparing for a doctor visit is important because it allows for a much more productive experience.  Bringing a list of questions and symptoms to discuss with the doctor often means leaving the office better informed about necessary health care and/or a health condition.