Condition Management

MHPC offers two proven management programs to address diabetes and other conditions:

Livongo Health is a new technology-based diabetes management program that includes access to a cellular, connected device that is much more than a traditional blood glucose meter. Besides measuring blood glucose, the results are immediately sent to the patient and her designated providers, and caregivers, as well as Livongo’s diabetes educators, who provide timely feedback to direct action or support ongoing management. The device also enables a user to obtain access to their health care data, educational proactive alerts, trends and to request additional assistance and support to enable the participant to stay engaged with their health.  

Taking Control of Your Health (TCOYH) is a value-based design, hand-on, condition management program that encourages participants to better manage their condition and adhere to their physician’s treatment program. TCOYH has been offered to MBGH members since 2006 and is built on a mutual accountability model, where an employer will either waive or reduce co-pays for drugs and supplies for those with diabetes who sign an agreement to meet face-to-face, on a quarterly basis, with a specialty-trained pharmacist coach for medication and condition management, education, and motivation and counseling. The TCOYH program, is available in Illinois as well as seven other states including North Carolina, Texas, Indiana and Wisconsin. It has resulted in positive patient outcomes that includes lower medical costs, absence rates, higher productivity, and healthier employees.


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