Livongo Health


Program Overview

Livongo Health is a new technology-based diabetes management program that offers employers the ability to proactively manage their population impacted by diabetes. The program includes access to a cellular, connected device that is much more than a traditional blood glucose meter. Besides measuring blood glucose, it also provides participants access to their healthcare data, trends as well as access to certified diabetes educators and educational proactive alerts that support the participant to stay engaged with their health. 

Benefits of Participation

  • A real-time solution that supports high quality care with diabetes certified educators
  • Enrollees must complete regular BG checks and respond to coaching alerts  
  • Empowers participants to better manage their diabetes and improve their overall health
  • Employers can determine what incentives will be used and what drugs will be covered by company sponsored benefits
  • Employer receive regular feedback on the outcomes attained by participating population 
  • Employers with greater than 50 participants enrolled will receive a clinical, economic and participant satisfaction reports after 12 months in the program

Livongo Works with Employers to:

  • Determine participant eligibility through company health plan
  • Determine program incentives and an overall engagement strategy
  • Support the company’s implementation/program roll-out
  • Provide program and engagement reports to the employer

The Livongo Health program offers: 

Support for Self-Management

       -   T In Touch® measures blood glucose (BG)
       -   Smart cloud analyzes BG & returns immediate personalized tips
       -   Livongo Certified Diabetes Educators (CDE’s) provide support 24/7
       -   1:1 Access to Livongo coaches (CDE’s)

Less Effort

        -   Easily share data with your care team
        -   Never use a written logbook, upload cables, or buy test strips again
        -   Supplies and services at NO cost

The device uploads all gathered data and turns it into useful, actionable information providing instant feedback about what to do next. In times of special need, the Livongo healthcare team is prepared to reach out to you directly if your readings require clinical attention to provide additional support or education.

For more information regarding this program, contact Judy Hearn, MBGH at