Change Healthcare

Established in 2007, Change Healthcare is on a mission to transform the way Americans purchase and utilize health care services by driving sustainable engagement at the individual level. With a national customer base of health plans and employers, Change Healthcare is a premier national provider of health care consumer engagement and transparency solutions, enabling consumers to better understand and use their health care benefits and make informed health care purchasing decisions based on quality, cost and convenience. 

This, in turn, helps both health plans and employers:

      - Control their healthcare costs
      - Successfully migrate to more cost-effective plans
      - Optimize existing wellness programs
      - Improve employee satisfaction and retention 

Build Healthcare Consumers with Change Healthcare

Change Healthcare builds healthcare consumers by providing proactive savings, transparency and consumer engagement services. With a national client base expanding to 10 million consumers on our platform in 2015, Change Healthcare has been developing and documenting best practices in consumer engagement since 2007.  They are focused on supporting your health care strategy and connecting to your delivery partners.

We support customized approaches to: Promote selection of lower cost, higher quality providers Leverage on-site clinics and clinical partners Access more convenient and affordable preventive care Reduce pharmacy costs with pharmacy-specific prices Reduce employee’s medical, dental and vision costs.

Resources on Transparency Services

Learn how Change Healthcare is building healthcare consumers in these resources: 

  • Claims Verified Savings Case Study: Kansas-City based Cerner Corporation sought to increase awareness and utilization of its on-site pharmacies and medical clinics.
  • Healthcare Transparency Index: Change Healthcare's Healthcare Transparency Index (HCTI) is a measure of the costs and cost variability of different healthcare services that healthcare consumers purchase on a recurring basis. The cost data comes from the aggregated medical claims of all Change Healthcare clients, which has geographic coverage that spans nationally. The HCTI includes a Transparency Matrix that assigns services to high or low cost and cost variability quadrants.
  • Out-of-Pocket  Costs Drive Healthcare Consumerism Whitepaper: As individuals are increasingly faced with greater responsibility for their healthcare costs, plan providers, mainstream media and even the government are urging them to shop for care. But is the impact of financial cost shifting enough to make individuals adopt a consumer mindset as they consider their healthcare? How are cost transparency and consumer engagement tools helping them to behave differently? In this whitepaper, we explore consumers’ feelings around the idea of healthcare consumerism – and how increased cost pressures, including higher deductibles, are driving increased acceptance and new behaviors.
  • 7 things to know about cost transparency