Take Control of Your Health

Over the last few years, MBGH has developed this community health awareness campaign through a partnership with CBS2 Chicago and more recently the Northeast Business Group on Health. The campaign has been supported by a number of grants which has allowed for the development of a series of TV vignettes focused on a variety of health topics such as cancer, COPD and diabetes. 

A dedicated website was originally developed to provide a number of downloadable health resources from a number of leading organizations such as the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). However, in the last two years, TCYH has evolved into a  consumer decision tool that now provides educational information on a variety of health topics and resources from the national campaign, Choosing Wisely TM .

Employers are using this site as a health resource for their employees/families to be more proactive about their health as well as assist their  employees in making better decisions about their health and health care. 

View the TCYH website

For more information about this initiative, contact Larry Boress, President & CEO