Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships

The value of MBGH membership has increased to include access to many of the resources and programs available through the following strategic partners. Please note that services and website access may vary from partner to partner and is subject to change.

American Benefits Council (The Council)

ABC_Logo.pngThe Council is a national trade association based in Washington, D.C. that advocates for employer-sponsored benefit plans. The Council’s members represent the private employer benefits community and either sponsor directly or provide services to health benefit plans and retirement both nationally and internationally.

Catalyst for Payment Reform (CPR) 

CPR_Logo.pngCPR is an independent, non-profit corporation working to catalyze employers, public purchasers and others to implement strategies that produce higher-value health care and improve the functioning of the health care marketplace. CPR’s efforts all drive toward three strategic goals: Effective Payment Reform; Innovative Health Care Purchasers; and Better Health Care Marketplace.

Employee Benefits Research Institute (EBRI) 

ebri_logo.pngEBRI is a nonpartisan, non-profit research institute based in Washington, D.C. that produces original research on health, savings, retirement and economic security issues, including 401(k) and retirement plan coverage data, post-retirement income adequacy, health coverage and the uninsured, and economic security of the elderly.

ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC) 

eric_logo.pngERIC is the only national association that advocates exclusively for large employers on health, retirement and compensation public policies at the federal, state and local levels.

Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI) 

IBI_Logo.pngIBI's work emphasizes that healthy, productive employees promote healthy business. As the leading research organization in health and productivity, it provides the analysis, research and tools to make sound decisions in how employers invest in the health of your workforce.

Leapfrog Group 

Leapfrog_Logo.pngLeapfrog is a non-profit watchdog organization that serves as a voice for health care purchasers, using their collective influence to foster positive change in U.S. health care. Leapfrog is the nation’s premier advocate of hospital transparency—collecting, analyzing and disseminating hospital data to inform value-based purchasing.

National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions (NA) 

National_Alliance_Logo.pngThe National Alliance, formerly known as the National Business Coalition on Health (NBCH), provides expertise, resources and a voice to its member coalitions across the country, representing each community coalition at the national level.

Choosing Wisely (CW) 

eric_logo.pngChoosing Wisely is an initiative of national medical specialty societies. CW offers lists of tests, treatments and procedures not always needed and has developed materials for consumers to help promote communications between patients and their doctors when an elective test, treatment and procedure is an option. An employer can increase consumerism and engagement by using Choosing Wisely (CW) materials.