Choosing Wisely

MBGH has partnered with Consumer Reports, the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation (ABIMF), and other national partners on their national campaign entitled Choosing Wisely TM This national campaign has published over 300 medical tests and procedures that are routinely performed, but may be unnecessary for most patients. 

These lists were created by over 60 national medical specialty societies to promote communication between the patient and their physicians when certain treatments are being considered. Consumer Reports, the nation's leading independent, non-profit consumer organization is developing easy-to-understand articles and a website on many of the questionable procedures for distribution to consumers, employers and providers at no cost.

MBGH and other business groups developed an employer toolkit to encourage companies disseminate the materials from the Choosing Wisely TM  website at health fairs and other worksite wellness activities. View employer toolkit.  

Find out how MBGH is supporting their employer members:
Choosing Wisely Employer Resources

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