Promoting Prevention

Communication Tools

Integrate these tools and resources into your communication campaign to raise awareness, teach prevention skills and provide motivation for your covered population. Use the word documents below either as-is or personalize them with your company logo and benefits-related information. You can also use them to promote specific information about an event or onsite preventive service. Click on the image library link above for access to images you can use in your strategy!

Preventive care benefits

General adult immunizations/flu shots

Prevention Education & Awareness

As you implement your prevention strategy, consider using the following tactics to ensure you have the best success:

  • Promote prevention in a general way, focusing on the overall benefits available and emphasizing the no cost aspect. Include what is covered, how to access the services, and answers to frequently asked questions
  • Promote specific prevention services like flu shots, adult vaccinations, health screenings and annual preventive doctor visits
  • Use free onsite preventive services that are already in place to promote prevention, including annual events like health fairs, flu shot clinics, annual screenings and safety events
  • Determine ways to weave prevention messaging into existing employee communications wherever possible, including through wellness program events and initiatives
  • Use new hire orientation/intake to promote prevention and highlight the benefits of preventive services including their availability at no cost to the employee
  • Invite local medical groups to provide speakers, screenings and materials. Consider hospitals or voluntary community groups, such as the local chapters of the American Heart Association or American Cancer Society

To avoid confusion about what “no cost” or “free” means when communicating with employees about preventive services, consider using the following definitions:

  • There is no copayment (a fixed amount that you pay for a covered health care service such as a doctor visit – for example a $15 copay)
  • There is no coinsurance (after you reach your deductible, it’s the percentage you must pay of the remaining cost)
  • There is no need to meet a yearly deductible before you can access preventive services that are free or at no cost

Key Messaging & All Resources

When promoting preventive services among employees, consider using these brief messages as part of your frequent communications and link them to other resources to reinforce your strategy.

  • Do you do prevention?
    Over 70% of disease is preventable. You have a good chance of maintaining your health and avoiding illness by watching what and how you eat and taking time to walk or exercise. Take advantage of your company’s preventive screenings and adult vaccinations.
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  • Did you know…many preventive services are covered at no cost?
    This means services like routine screenings, recommended vaccines, annual doctor checkups, smoking cessation, contraceptives and patient counseling to prevent illness, disease or other health problems.
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  • Did you know…many of your preventive benefits are free?
    This means that there are no copays or coinsurance for these services, even if your yearly deductible has not been met. To get free preventive services, you must go to a doctor or other provider in your plan’s network.
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  • Do you care for your body like you care for your car?
    Preventive maintenance for your body keeps everything running smoothly. And best of all, there is no cost to you for preventive health services.
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