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MBGH 36th Annual Conference
MAY 5-6, 2016, CHICAGO

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  • Getting Employees to Use Preventive Care Benefits Still a Challenge for Employers

    New toolkit helps employers address gaps in employee knowledge and encourages use of
    free preventive screenings and services


  • Sibson Consulting Publications has recently provided guidance and caution about hew transgender benefits that certain employers will be required to offer. See their article below: On May 18, 2016,...

  • MBGH is the Leapfrog Group Regional Leader in Illinois. A major part of this role is we invite all Illinois hospitals to complete the Leapfrog Group's Patient Safety Survey, providing information on...

  • There's been a lot of talk, including at the MBGH Annual Conference, on the value of wellness programs and how to measure them. In a new interview an expert talks about moving from a "Return on Investment"...


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