Fertility Toolkit

Fertility and Family Building Toolkit

There is growing recognition of the desire for comprehensive fertility and family building benefits for modern workforces as many employees are starting families later in life and families of all compositions are looking to grow. The prevalence of infertility has increased and does not discriminate – it affects all people equally, regardless of gender, geography, or socioeconomic status. Globally, 1 in 6 are impacted.

As a result, employee sentiment and desires for fertility and family building benefits have shifted – and are impacting employers’ talent recruitment and retention strategies. A study from Fertility IQ found that 61% of employees who received this kind of coverage said they felt more loyal and committed to their employer. 53% stayed at their jobs longer. And 88% of women who were able to access IVF with support from their employer returned to work after their maternity leave.

For employers who are consciously thinking about employee health, productivity, and the bottom line, it’s clear that fertility and family building benefits are an important component of an organization’s health and well-being strategy. When delivered effectively, comprehensive fertility and family building benefits can reduce downstream healthcare costs driven by high-risk maternity and costly NICU claims and can also play a key role in an employer’s recruitment and retention strategy.

This toolkit provides an overview of how to evaluate and understand available fertility and family building solutions, including key terminology, common coverage models, steps for creating the business case, and actions employers can take to adopt or enhance modern benefits within their organization.