For Employers

Migraine Management Toolkit

Job Accommodation


Ready-To-Use Worksite Program

Free employee well-being program, focused on migraine awareness and education in the workplace, that contains everything needed to create a standalone employee-focused migraine education program. Sessions include Migraine Basics, Migraine Triggers, Migraine Treatment Landscape, Migraine Well-being and Self-Management. Program components include:

  • Kick-off tools
    • Program implementation guide – provides information and instructions on how to execute the program
    • Customizable emails, posters and sign-up sheets – for help promoting the program and signing up participants
    • Pre- and post-meeting surveys – feedback tools for continuous improvement
  • Session Tools
    • PowerPoint presentations
    • Moderator guides
    • Related handouts
    • Videos: Sections 1 - 4

Printable Resources

Free Educational Materials
American Migraine Foundation

Topics include:

  • Migraine at Work
  • What to do after diagnosis
  • What type of headache do you have?
  • Applying for Social Security Disability Income
  • ER Guide for Migraine Patients
  • Meal Planning Toolkit
  • Are you at risk for chronic migraine?
  • Caring for a Child with Migraine
  • Migraine’s Contributing Factors
  • A Guide to Nutraceuticals for Migraine
  • How to support someone with Migraine
  • Seeking Medical Help for your Migraine
  • Migraine Emergency Survival Guide
  • Concussion & Post-Traumatic Headache in Children
  • Understanding Migraine Medication

Infographics for Migraines,
American Headache Society

Topics include:

  • Migraine at Work
  • Behavioral Migraine
  • Chronic Migraine
  • Diet and Migraine
  • General Migraine
  • Women and Migraine