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No-Cost Excess Weight Tool to Support Employer Efforts in Quantifying the Cost of Obesity to Your Organization


The Excess Weight Tool is a no-cost resource created with input from experts at Duke University. The tool helps employers understand where and how much obesity may be costing them. Key elements of the tool:

  • Applies national data to estimate the prevalence of excess weight within an organization’s population.
  • Reviews the comorbid risks of 15 diseases and conditions associated with excess weight and the costs related to treatment of these comorbidities, providing a treatment cost summary.
  • Shows how excess weight increases the incidence of – and costs related to – workers’ compensation and short-term disability.
  • Provides an estimate of losses in productivity due to excess weight by incorporating measures such as absenteeism and missed days of work.
  • Reviews how weight affects the general well-being of individuals.


Interested in learning more?

If you are an employer member of the following coalitions and interested in the Excess Weight Tool, reach out directly to your coalition or email MBGH at This tool is made available by Novo Nordisk.