Past Programs 2020

2020 Educational Programs

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Wellness, Wellbeing & Engagement


January 2020: Employer Forum on Wellness, Wellbeing & Engagement

Benefit Communications


March 18, 2020: Creating Effective Benefit Communications that Improve Engagement and Impact Employee Health

Specialty Drugs & Pharmacy Benefits


June 17, 2020:  Virtual Employer Forum on Pharmacy Benefits and Specialty Drugs - Flatten the Curve on Specialty Drug Costs

Preparing for the New Normal


August 11, 2020: Preparing for the New Normal - Getting to Lower Costs without Sacrificing Outcomes

Authorized Generics


October 5, 2020 - Employer Strategies to Maximize Pharmacy Benefits: The Value of Authorized Generics

Mental Health


February 19, 2020: Mental Health in the Workplace – Addressing Access & Stigma

Prediabetes & Diabetes Employer Tools


March 25, 2020: Webinar – Tools You Can Use: Prediabetes and Diabetes Management in the Workplace

Transforming the Opioid Pathway


July 14, 2020: Transforming the Opioid Pathway: Innovative Solutions for Employers

The Role of Biosimilars


August 27, 2020: The Role of Biosimilars: Actions for Employers



October 13, 2020 - Understanding the Role of Pharmacogenomics in Your Benefit Strategy

Managing Pharmacy Benefits


February 25, 2020: Webinar – Effectively Managing Pharmacy Benefits - 5 Must Haves

Reducing Surgical Costs Post COVID-19

surgical costs

April 28, 2020: Webinar – Employer Case Study: US Foods Center of Excellence (COE) Benefit Helps to Cut Health Care Costs in the Age of Coronavirus

Addressing Vulnerable Populations During COVID-19


July 30, 2020 - Addressing Your Vulnerable Population: Challenges from COVID-19

Migraine Costs & Solutions


September 22, 2020 - Migraine: The Costs and Solutions for Employers