Past Programs 2021

2021 Educational Programs

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Wellness, Wellbeing & the Workplace


January 27, 2021: Employer Forum on Wellness, Wellbeing and the Workplace -Mission Possible: Connectedness and the Future of Health and Work



June 9, 2021 - Hemophilia: Extremely Rare, Extremely Costly, Extremely Important to Employers!

Health Care Benefits Today


September 14, 2021 - Health Care Benefits Today - A Balancing Act!

Implementing DPP Lifestyle Change Program


November 16, 2021 - Implementing DPP Lifestyle Change Programs: Enrollment & Engagement Strategies

Mental/Behavioral Health


February 24, 2021 - Mental/Behavioral Health Tsunami: Employer Strategies to Manage Rising Anxiety & Financial Stressors

Pharmacy Benefits & Specialty Drugs


June 23, 2021 - Employer Forum on Pharmacy Benefits & Specialty Drugs - Managing Drug Spend for High-Cost Therapies

Prevent Diabetes


September 29, 2021 - Employers: Prevent Diabetes & Improve Your Bottom Line

Obesity: What Employers Can Do


November 18, 2021 - Obesity: What Employers Can Do to Address this Ongoing Epidemic

Point Solution Carve-Outs


March 24, 2021 - World of Point Solution Carve-Outs: Are They Enhancing or Fragmenting Care?

Executive Briefing on National DPP


July 14, 2021 - Executive Briefing on the National Diabetes Prevention Program - Managing the Risk of Prediabetes

DPP Lifestyle Change Program


October 20, 2021 - DPP Lifestyle Change Program: Choosing the right program for your organization

Chronic Low Back Pain (CLBP)

back pain

December 8, 2021 - Chronic Low Back Pain: Understanding the Journey & Emerging Technology for Improved Health


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