Identifying Available Resources

Diabetes Management in the Workplace

Communication: Identifying Available Resources

Save time and money when promoting your initiative to your covered population by taking full advantage of the tools and resources already in place in your organization and/or those available at low or no cost from outside organizations. Consider these examples:

Current programs or in-house resources to promote diabetes awareness and control:

  • Benefit Enrollment Guides: Reinforce related benefit plan design elements such as value-based plan designs that waive or reduce copays for employees who comply to their medication
  • Wellness incentive programs
  • Worksite wellness activities/initiatives (health fairs, onsite screenings)
  • Employee orientations, safety announcements, company meetings and internal company newsletters
  • Testimonials, “people-like-me” scenarios

Internal leadership to help promote your diabetes program, initiatives and resources:

  • C-suite executives – leadership participation can effectively promote the employer’s dedication to supporting a culture of health
  • Human resources professionals – often the trusted advisors
  • Middle managers/supervisors – the direct link with employees; key to keeping employees engaged
  • Wellness champions – employees who volunteer to promote corporate wellness programs are effective at influencing colleagues
  • All should have, at a minimum, a cursory understanding of company benefits to support these programs

Vendor partners (e.g. health plan, PBM) should be informed about and encouraged to support your diabetes initiatives through their interactions with your population:

  • Communications programs, resources (e.g. tools and templates), tip for the day, posters and email templates can be used for communicating program information
  • Emails that provide information about diabetes, available programs and resources can be sent directly to your covered population (those with diabetes and/or at risk)
  • Many vendors have personal health information that enables them to provide targeted outreach to support members with diabetes and prediabetes (e.g. PBMs can direct communications to those using diabetes supplies and medications)

Take advantage of outside organizations offering free materials and ideas on how to communicate about diabetes and wellness:

  • Government (e.g. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention)
  • Non-profit resources (e.g. American Diabetes Association)
  • Pharmaceutical company resources