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Diabetes Management in the Workplace

This section contains helpful tools and resources for effectively communicating with employees about preventing or managing diabetes.

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Customizable Tools

Integrate these articles and posters into your communication strategy as you reach out to your target audiences. They can help to raise awareness, teach prevention skills and provide motivation for your covered population. Use the Word documents below either as-is or personalize them with your company logo and benefits-related information. You can also use them to promote specific information about an onsite event, i.e. a wellness screening that includes blood glucose testing.
Newsletter Articles

Tools & Templates

English videos to show at the workplace
Spanish videos to show at the workplace
Insulin Access and Affordability Resource - consumer focused
Midwest Business Group on Health

Diabetes-related tools and resources including links to educational materials
Workplace Health Resources
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)

Fact sheets (available in Spanish)
Taking Care of Your Diabetes Tip Sheets, CDC

Community Health & Outreach
National Diabetes Education Program, NIDDK

Infographics and Info Cards
Diabetes: Resources and Publications, CDC

Playbook, posters, social media, videos
American Diabetes Month Resources, American Diabetes Association

Toolkit: National Diabetes Month

More Information

Three Stakeholders to Improve Communication for Your Wellness Goals
Wellness Councils of America (WELCOA), February 25, 2019

Gateway to Health Communication & Social Marketing Practice
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Effective employee communication: The benefits of best practices
Milliman, April 2017

Survey: 50 percent of employers use mobile apps to engage employees in their health
MobiHealthNews, March 2016