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According to the 2018 American Eye-Q® Survey conducted by the AOA, 93% of Americans value the health of their eyes as much as the health of their heart and lungs, yet one-third admit they do not know how to take good care of their eyes. Many eye and vision disorders have no obvious symptoms, so individuals are often unaware when a problem exists. This makes preventive care even more important. Early detection of a disease or condition allows treatment to start sooner, when it may be more effective, and decreases the risk of vision impairment and permanent damage to sight. Unfortunately, only 56% of respondents to the Eye-Q® survey report getting exams and/or taking care of their eye health.

Here are common eye and vision conditions that a comprehensive eye exam can find early:

Refractive Errors

Common Work-Related Conditions

Early Detection & Disease Management

Comprehensive Eye Exams

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