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Eye Care Benefits Toolkit

Vision benefits have traditionally focused on vision correction, creating potential inadequate eye health coverage for employees and covered dependents — those who need comprehensive eye exams with no vision correction or those who are unable to afford additional vision benefit plan premiums. The result? Eye and other general health problems may go unrecognized and untreated when employees think eye exams are only for the vision-impaired, and vision impairment is addressed only with corrective lenses. This missed opportunity often leads to disease progression, complications, and costs in productivity, quality of life, and later medical care that could have been avoided.  This inadequate coverage can be addressed by integrating vision benefits into the health plan. 

In addition, digital technology is becoming increasingly important in today’s workforce. Considering the impact of digital screens and devices on eye health, it’s even more important for employers to pay attention to eye health and offer comprehensive vision benefits.

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