Case Studies

Eye Care Benefits Toolkit

Plan Design & Networks: Case Studies

Employer Coverage Examples

  • A mid-sized manufacturer provides an annual $300 subsidy per covered person to be used for eye exams and/or eyewear, reimbursable to the employee once care is received. This benefit, is offered in addition to coverage found in the medical plan and is separate from a standalone vision discount program. The $300 per person benefit provides ultimate flexibility to the employee and covered dependents on where they receive their care as well as an understanding of what their end cost will be for eye exams and related eyewear. In addition, the company offers a separate vision benefit plan for additional coverage of exams and eyewear. The employee can elect employee-only coverage for the separate vision benefit plan or include dependent coverage. The employee pays the full premium for the separate vision benefit plan.
  • Several large employers in the Midwest with employees across the country, offer coverage for routine comprehensive eye exams as part of their medical benefit. These employers also include an option for the employee to buy additional coverage with a voluntary vision benefit plan, where the employee pays the full premium for coverage for exams and eyewear.


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