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Addressing Pain Management & Opioid Use/Abuse

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Kentuckiana Health Collaborative

Opioid Abuse and Dependence: State-by-State
FAIR Health, 2017
The heat map represents opioid abuse and dependence claim lines as a percentage of total medical claim lines by state in 2017 from the FAIR Health private healthcare insurance data repository. The darkest states are those where the percentage is highest. Clicking on a state will display an infographic on opioid abuse and dependence for that state in 2017. The infographic includes the top five procedure codes by utilization and aggregate cost, as well as diagnoses by age and gender.

Best Practices: Managing Opioid Use
HealthCare 21 Business Coalition, June 2018

CMS Roadmap to Address the Opioid Epidemic
Centers for Medicare & Medcaid Services, June 2018

Pain Management and the Opioid Epidemic: Balancing Societal and Individual Risks of Prescription Opioid Use - Summary
National Academies, 2017
Update on the state of the science on pain research, care, and education since publication of the 2011 Institute of Medicine (IOM) report Relieving Pain in America: A Blueprint for Transforming Prevention, Care, Education, and Research, including the evolving role of opioids in pain management

Opioids in the Workplace: The Proactive Role Employers Can Take
National Safety Council
This resource includes a call-to-action for employers to:

  • Partner with insurance, medical/PBM and EAP providers
  • Re-evaluate policy and testing for prescription drugs
  • Invest in management and employee education
  • Increase and ensure confidential access to help and treatment

Drugs at Work: What Employers Need to Know
National Safety Council

  • What Employers Told Us: Results of an employer survey
  • How Employers Can Make a Difference

Opioid Overuse Epidemic, Business Pulse
CDC Foundation

The Opioid Epidemic: Assessing Your Organization
American Health Policy Institute

  • Assessing the Question of Employee Productivity
  • How to Measure the Problem
  • Medical Costs
  • Sources of Information
  • Covered Dependents

Americans More Likely than Swedes to Fill Prescriptions for Opioids After Surgery
Kaiser Health News, September 2019

View the study on the JAMA Network

Mitigating the Effects of Opioid Use Among Workers: Tips for Employers
American Psychiatric Association Foundation, Center for Workplace Mental Health

  • A Costly Concern
  • Getting the Facts: Opioid Use in the U.S.
  • Barriers to the Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder

Combatting the Prescription Drug Crisis
SHRM, October 2017

  • Shame and Stigma
  • Skyrocketing Costs
  • Questions You Shouldn’t Ask Employees
  • Treatment Can Work and How You Can Help

Counting the Cost of Opioid Abuse

  • Physical and Financial Costs (including claims costs)
  • Future Costs

Pharmacy Benefit Management of Opioid Prescribing: The Role of Employers and Insurers
Health Affairs, September 2017

  • Background and tools
  • Pharmacy Benefit Managers’ Role

The Opioid Epidemic: From Evidence to Impact
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Oct 2017

  • Top Ten Recommendations for Action
  • Improving Safe Use of Prescription Opioids (including Engaging Pharmacy Benefits Managers and Pharmacies)
  • Identifying and Treating People with Opioid-Use Disorders

Five Barriers to Communicating with Health Care Consumers about Opioid Overuse
Webinar from Consumer Reports and Choosing Wisely


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